Warning: Stop Telling Rita Dominic to Go Get Married! 

Nigerian A-list actress Rita Dominic has never minced words when telling Nigerians that she is comfortable being unmarried. According to her, she will marry when she wants to, not because society demands that of her. Unfortunately, despite reiterating this many times, many people still feel the need to remind her that her biological clock is ticking away. A fan of hers had the nerve to literately tell her to get married already, and her response to him was savage, to say the least. 

It all went down on Instagram after the actress shared a thirty two seconds long clip of herself dancing beautifully at a Christmas concert. She titled the post “Always thankful to God for life. ‘Tis the season, celebrate the birth of THE ONE…” 

After reading that and watching the video, the overzealous fan wrote a comment, telling Rita to (in his own words) “Go and married”.

To this, Rita gave an apt, yet utterly savage response- “…go and learn English”.

Now I’m guessing you already know whose side I’m on on this one. People need to learn to  mind their businesses. Most importantly, people need to realise that in this day and age, it’s rude to tell anyone to go get married. I mean, she is not getting married for anyone. So why make it your issue?

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