The Transformer in my Neighbourhood Blew up!

In a string of very unfortunate incidents that happened last week, the transformer in my neighbourhood blew up and then three days later, a drunk driver rammed into an electric pole and knocked it down along with some other poles and the high tension cables. Luckily, nobody was physically hurt. But we’ve all been hurt in other ways. There has not been light here since. As a matter of fact, there is zero hope that the damages would be repaired and power restored before Christmas.

As though the situation couldn’t get any worse, all the generators in my neighbourhood are constantly on and blasting. The noise pollution level is worse than I’ve known it since moving here.  And it is very unfortunate that all of these things are happening right now; a few days to Christmas and in the onset of the dry season. Why do all the bad things in the world happen all at once? I mean… it’s the dry season, and the heat is intense. Petrol is scarce, and now NEPA light is spoilt! I guess I should as well just die in this heat. By the way, petrol is always scarce during the dry season; why is that? 

You guys should help me to fast and pray because this burden is much for me to bear. Pray that NEPA should restore the light quickly. I already have a lot of problems in my life and cannot just afford to add this one on top of it. So make this your prayer point and please pray on it like you’ve never prayed before. Lol.

On that note, I wish you a merry [Nigerian] Christmas in advance; full of fun, plenty rice and chicken stew. May you have lots of NEPA light too!

Okay bye… 

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