The Nigeria Police of Extortions

​On Tuesday morning, while traveling from Enugu to Abuja, we were stopped at a Police checkpoint after Obollo afor town, Enugu State (just before entering Otukpa community in Benue State) at about 1300hrs . The Police officer shown in the attached video began to search everything in the bus including our wallets and handbags (without a search warrant or any explanations for such invasion of our privacies). 

Having found nothing on anyone, it became clearer that he was looking for a foothold to illegally extort money from innocent commuters. The hoodlum in National uniform, demanded for the receipt of a passenger’s laptop (which of course is not a routine requirement for laptop use anywhere in the world) and seized the laptop when it was not produced. The video attached showed the conversation that ensued.

When we protested, this officer threatened to shoot all of us if we disobeyed his orders. He went ahead to keep us at that spot for hours because we were not forthcoming with his demands. THIS NONSENSE MUST STOP. 

Do Police Officers carry the receipt of the gun they use for their duties?

On what basis are we to carry receipt of laptops everywhere we go?

What is the justification of a wallet search of travellers? 

What have we done to the Nigerian Police to deserve these continuous bouts of humiliation at gunpoint?

I call on the Nigeria Police Force IGP to respond to this IMMEDIATELY. Educate the public about these laws of humiliation. Let’s know that we, the citizens, have become slaves to law enforcement agencies.

I call on the National Assembly to look into this matter URGENTLY.

I call on the General Public to SHARE this video until this hoodlum in uniform is brought to book.

~Story by Victor Antigha Essien

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