The deplorable State of Nigeria’s Medicare

Let’s speak clear- nobody wants to fall ill; especially not in Nigeria. The reason [of course] is obvious- illness is not something to be desired! If anything,  it is something that is very much dreaded/detested by everyone. Yet, it is simply unavoidable, seeing as people still fall ill every now and then. And for those who are unfortunate enough to ail in Nigeria, it can be a really horrible and traumatising experience. And the reason is because not only are most Nigerians unable to afford hospital care, those who do afford it are usually given shitty treatment; even as there is nothing they can do about it.

We seldom discuss the poor state of the medicare system in this country; sadly. Perhaps we are comfortable with it just the way it is. Or maybe people just think it is a waste of their time to talk about it.  But no matter what anyone thinks,  it is imperative for us to continually discuss this topic as the serious national concern that it is. And while we discuss it, we must also endeavour to draw the attention of stakeholders, mandating them to take urgent measures towards ameliorating the suffered made possible by the inefficiency in the medical profession. I do realise  that this is a very uncomfortable topic to discuss. I mean…for all I know some medical practitioner friends of mine may even dislike me after reading this; or not. In any case, I am seriously clamouring for an absolute revamp in the Nigerian medical profession. This is for the good of us all. 

Now let’s talk… 

Majority of the hospitals in Nigeria are in terribly bad conditions. Basic facilities such as hospital wards, beds and toilets are old, overused, decayed and obsolete. Sadly, it is utopia to think of modern medical equipment being available for use in these so called hospitals. Little wonder people die there on a daily basis, some due to unthinkable reasons such as the absence of oxygen. Perhaps the medical practitioners themselves are also to be blamed. Quite a number of them are quacks, unfit to handle the very serious business that is reviving dying people back to life.  

  The most unfortunate thing is that those in charge of administering the affairs of this country are aware of the terrible conditions our hospitals are in. But despite this awareness, they do absolutely nothing to change it. Instead, they go on medical tourism abroad whenever they fall ill, leaving the rest of us to die here. And as though it couldn’t get any worse, the frustrated medical practitioners most often leave the country to practice elsewhere. It gets worse. And now is the time we demand an end to the nonsense. 


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