The Cameroonian Government is Killing its Citizens over Agitations for Independence 

So far,  seven people have died in Cameroon’s Anglophone region following the people’s agitation for independence from the rest of the country.

According to The Guardian, the  Anglophone Separatists chose October 1st as the date for the official sesecion from Cameroon. But this move has been met with heavyhandedness by the Central Government in Younde.

This is akin to what recently happened in Nigeria when the President Muhammadu Buhari led Government sent soldiers in their drooves to attack and kill protesting IPOB members agitating for the actualisation of Biafra’s independence…

The clamour for independence in Cameroon’s Anglophone region has raged since November last year due to perceived injustice and discrimination.

The English-speaking minority, who had chosen to become a part of Cameroon instead of Nigeria in the 60s, now seek to secede and form the independent state of Ambazonia. But as it appears, the Cameroonian Government is bent on foiling the attempt by any means possible; including the killing of unarmed civilians.

The military now occupy the city of Buea and the surrounding areas of Southern Bamenda where several people are said to have been injured by gun shots and taken to hospitals.

Meanwhile, the European Union has issued a statement in light of the chaos, calling on all parties to exercise good judgement, “respect the rule of law and avoid any act of violence”.

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