School Girls Pimped by School Security Guard

In what is perhaps one of the most chilling reports out of Nigeria this month, details have emerged about how  a security guard at a girls secondary school in Plateau State has overtime pimped girls as young as thirteen. 

According to the exclusive investigative report by The Cable, the incident happened at the Federal Government Girls College, Langtang. The reporter pretended to be a potential customer (paedophile) and acquired the pimp’s contact through one of his associates. That was the beginning of the shocking revelations that have stunned most readers. 

The reporter met with the security guard at a location to make the arrangements, and it was during this time that he learnt that he would have to pay as little as N5,000 to sleep with any of the girls. After the meeting, the reporter later received a call from the pimp informing him that two of the girls would meet him later in the day after their examination.  But the girls never showed up because their examination lasted longer than anticipated.

It is unfortunate that it took the effort of a reporter from Lagos to expose this story. This is despite the fact that the crime went on for long and the school management knew about it but refused to do much to put an end to it. They demoted the pimp who was formally a cook! 

The risks that children are exposed to in schoola these days. Who would have thought! It wouldn’t be very surprising if such an incident is rampant across many schools in the country, even as the management of such schools keep it quiet. 

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