Say no to all forms of Abuse by Aify Benson

In Nigeria, there abound a great number of people with predatory tendencies. This explains why cases of physical abuse, sexual harassment/exploitation and rape are every day occurrences. The situation is indeed bad. And unfortunately, it is the innocent people who constantly suffer; including minors who are targeted and abused by the very people who are supposed to protect them. A Facebook user by the name Aify Benson, apparently had this thought on his mind this morning when he shared the post below on his Timeline-

Good morning  friends. You may choose not to take revenge on anyone who has offended you and refuses to apologise. But do not be afraid to point him out as an enemy. Do not be afraid to tell the world what this person did to you.

A- He is a married man and a victim of domestic violence. But his rich wife is shutting him up because her money is his control.

B- She is a married woman and also a victim of domestic violence. But her husband shuts her up claiming he loves her.

C- A young girl who is a victim of rape and is being forced not to speak by her rapist who gives her sweet candy…

D- Sodomy by a priest or a pastor (preachers) who intimidates their victims into keeping silence.

This are some of the things destroying our society. And the only way we can put an end to it is by speaking up. Do not die in silence. Speak up and get help.

 Parents, do not trust anyone with your children. That uncle or pastor you trust might be abusing them. That aunty or nanny might also be abusing them. Be a best friend to your child(ren) so they can open up to you.

No one deserves domestic violence. Please SPEAK UP!

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