On the Ignorance of most Nigerians

Today, I watched a disturbing video depicting an animal which was killed by some ignorant Nigerians somewhere in Benin City. The animal was a potto, and apparently it had strayed from its habitat; unfortunately. In the beginning of the video, the poor thing could be seen clinging precariously to some high tension cables of the electric pole it had climbed. Meanwhile, the person recording the video is shouting about how strange the animal was; implying that it must be a witch, and how it was supposedly the very cause of all the problems in Nigeria. Hilarious as her commentary is, you cannot help but get pissed off as you soon realise that she actually means what she is saying. And before long, she succeeds in inciting the neighbours who gather in the streets, joining her to shout while the panicked animal struggles to hang on.

But the poor potto is eventually brought down from the electric pole, killed and set ablaze. Actually, somebody used a long, dried piece of bamboo stick to dislodge the potto from where it was hanging for dear life, causing it to fall all the way to the ground. And as it hit its back on the ground, it never stood up. Poor thing probably died upon impact, even as the ignorant ones proceeded to set it ablaze…

Mind you, I do not have a problem with the fact that the people apparently did not know what a potto was. After all, there are numerous animals out there that I do not know what they look like or what they are called. Instead, my problem with the situation belies in the fact that the people who killed the animal did so out of their unfounded belief that it was a witch. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this kind of incident has happened, especially in Edo State Nigeria who the superstitious beliefs are rife.

It is highly important that most Nigerians begin to reconsider what the choose to believe in and the illogical actions their beliefs often compelling them to take. We are after all not living in the primitive era anymore.

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