Nigerian Girls and their outrageous preference for all things foreign

It’s rather hard not to notice most Nigerians’ lack of patriotism, especially when it comes to their preference for consumer goods. But no one is [perhaps] as guilty as charged as the Nigerian girls. These chewing gum girls, especially those of them on university campuses, certainly do not like anything directly related to their culture; asides the black di** of course. It’s painful to have to put up with their preference for foreign goods… Foreign this, foreign that. 

Just imagine the scenarios below:

* You follow your girlfriend to the salon after she’s pressured you enough to follow her. And while you are finally there,  she tells the stylist, “I want Ghana weaving… Please make it Brazilian/Peruvian weaving; my boyfriend will pay.”

* you follow her to the market to buy food stuff and she asks the trader ”Do you have Cameroon pepper? And in my mind I’m like- ”What about Nigerian pepper; what happend to those?”

They even prefer crayfish and smoked fish from Togo and Benin, as if we don’t have rivers and oceans in this country…

* On date nights you’d be like ”Bae, where do you want us to go?” And just like that, you’ve looked for troubles and found them because she will be like ”Any Chinese restaurant on the Island will be fine…” Are you kidding me? Do you know how much my salary is? Who will pay for the Chinese thing? Why can’t we just go to Iya Basira’s buka?

*In bed while y’all are trying to get kinky, she will be like “Honey, can we try ”Latinas”? Like what the fuck is that?

*They love everything French- French kisses, French fries etc.  They also love Italian stuff; Italian designer bags, perfumes, clothes, shoes and the rest. Why must my pocket suffer all that?

*These girls will be our there preferring to wear Carribean bikinis instead of our wrappers typically worn in Nollywood village scenes. Someone should preach to these girls to change please!

*Now let’s talk about their penchant for forming American accents. Mind you, it’s usually the American accent that they imitate;  never British or even Australian. The reason is simple- the American accent is relatively easy to fake. I mean, you can speak like the hood girls from Harlem and deserve some respect. Unfortunately, these girls can’t still get it right. Anyway, someone should please tell these girls to stick to our Lagos Nigerian accent. Even Ghanaian girls are proud of theirs… #BringBackOurGirls.

*How about the so called white wedding. White wedding? Why white wedding? Girl, do you by any chance think you are white? Come on girls! What has gotten over y’all? Why can’t we as black Africans embrace our culture and be proud of it?  Ever heard of Africa Magic? Okay not that one…

Our girls need to numb their foreign tastes and begin to appreciate our local traditions and goods which makes us. And before the rest of you will think this talk is just for the girls, please think again. Everyone is guilty, and we need to change that.

Now this should make you laugh out loud and think deep within…

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