African Witches in Lagos State Governor’s Office!

Emmanuel Abara Benson

Look at the ugly picture above. Behind me is the office of the Lagos State Governor. The day an ex. colleague of mine helped me to take the picture, I was more than excited to get security clearance to enter the building. I mean come on, who wouldn’t be excited to be in Ambode’s office?!

Anyways, I got cleared, and I walked in feeling very important. The Governor walked in half an hour later and the meeting started. All the doors were immediately locked once he entered; security protocol. Nobody could come in or go out as long as the meeting lasted.

It was then that all the witches in Africa chose to attack me in the form of urine. 😂 😂 😂 😂 It’s funny to me now, but it definitely wasn’t then. I’ve never been that pressed in my whole life. What I’m telling you is that I had to hold in my own urine for more than two hours! Can you imagine how horrible that was!

As I listened to the Governor talk at length, I felt like shushing him so that the meeting could end. But of course I couldn’t. And so dear Governor Ambode spoke his Harvard English for as long as he wanted…

At the end of his long speech, it came time for people to ask their questions. Trust me, I eyeballed everyone  who raised their hand to collect the microphone. How could they allow the witches to possess them too?!😠😊 😂

When the meeting finally ended and I rushed to the toilet, the urine almost refused to come out because I had held it in for far too long… 😥

Emmanuel Abara Benson
Me at Lagos Global

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