The First Time I ever Had Sex

Love it or hate it, sex is an inevitable aspect of life. And inasmuch as virginity is priceless, at some point we all get to loose it. Bearing this in mind, The Lit Page went in search of some  courageous young adults who were open to sharing their stories about the first time they ever did the dirty. Some of the stories are hilarious, while others are rather worrisome and appalling. You will read about Shola who tried desperately to get the girl he loved to give up her cookie all to no avail, only to get it for free from the most unexpected person. Oops! 

Now mind you, the identities of those whose stories are herein shared have been withhold in respect of their personal wishes. If you would like to share yours too, please contact us.

SHOLA: The first time I ever had sex, it all happened so unexpectedly. And prior to this time, I had always been so fascinated by sex even though I was still a virgin by the age of seventeen. Every night as I lied in my bed, I fantasised about this girl I liked. But everytime I did fantasise about her, I only ended up feeling frustrated because I didn’t even know that I could as well touch myself and relief some stars while at it. And so one day, I decided that I was going to write her a love letter to explain to her how I felt. I wrote the letter, and for many days I carried it in my school bag, too shy to give it to her. 

One day, I lent my Physics notebook to a friend of mine who needed to update his. And unknown to me, inside the exercise  book I  gave to him was the letter to my crush. Unfortunately for me, my naughty friend decided to publicise my private letter by posting it in my class notice board. It soon  became a big scandal in the class, even as I later got a resounding slap from the girl of my dreams. That was the end of me ever winning her heart. 

But here is the interesting thing- in the midst of all that was unfortunate, other girls took interest in exploring me. I got so many secret offers afterwards, one of which I decided to take up. And so one day after school dismissal, I hooked up with another girl at the bush behind my school. What she did to me I’d rather not say. Lol…

MARY: My first sexual encounter mostly involved kissing. I remember those intimate moments with my boyfriend at the time. We smooched in the secluded corners of school during recess or after dismissal. And then it so happened that on one particular evening, he was usually quite horny and was all over me. As we kept kissing and caressing each other, I suddenly felt him quiver and then moan like someone who was having a heart attack.  I watched him sceptically, worried that he might have been hurt; for I had never seen anything like that before. But he was not having any heart attack at all. Instead, he had wet his pants and there was a weird sign of satisfaction in his eyes which drew my naïve mind to the realisation of what had just happened. That made me disgusted with him just as I stood up angrily and walked away. That was the last time I spoke to Dike

CHARLES: My first sexual experience happened when I was very young. I was a boy sexually exploited by the house girl. You see, I was a very shy kid; perhaps too shy for comfort. And everyday as I would come back from school, she would pull down my knickers and give me a blowjob. The first time it happened, I didn’t quite comprehend what had happened. I thought she was disgusting and had protested. But she forced it on me, and then threatened to kill me if I told anybody. And so it happened that I never told anybody until the day she was caught abusing me…

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