Puppy Love Stories: The first Time I ever Wooed a Girl

Right early on in their lives, boys learn how to win the hearts of women. This is usually an interesting for boys, just as much as it is difficult. It is therefore out of curiosity that I rounded up a few of friends and asked them to share their experiences about how their first attempts at romance went down. Specific question was- what was your experience the first time you tried to woo a girl? Many of them gave interesting responses which I’m sure y’all will enjoy reading. Please note that real names have been changed in fulfilment of respondents’ wishes.

Shola: Shola is naturally a very shy person. As a result, he found it extremely difficult to tell his best friend that he had developed some feelings for her. Unable to tell her therefore, he began suppressing his emotions, focusing on the friendship instead. Fortunately or unfortunately, Shola’s feelings grew more by the day until he decided to hide behind his shadows and tell her anyways. On her birthday, he took her to an eatery and they got talking. He told her that he liked her, and she surprised him by replying that she knew that. Shy as always, Shola blurted out out his mission before he realized he was speaking, telling her “let’s start a relationship!” The girl stared at him, and then began to laugh uncontrollably. She laughed so hard as she told him to stop joking. But then he wasn’t joking at all and had tried his best to convince her about his feelings. She then promised to think about what he had said. Until two days afterwards there was no response from her until Shola called her, telling her not to bother about what he said. But interestingly, she surprised him by saying she loved him after all. And that was how the love story began. Unfortunately, it didn’t even last as long as it began even though the two of them kept on with their friendship till date.

Dami: Dani was in J.S.S.3 when he first became infatuated. And just like Kelvin, the girl that suddenly became the centre piece of his entire world was one of his friends. His heart skipped beats whenever she was around, and he was completely scared of telling her his mind. But one day he manned up and wrote a very interesting love letter and put it in her locker. The girl did get the letter, but she wasn’t very impressed by it. So that day after school dismissed, she walked straight up to him with the piece of paper and a very worded reply; telling him bluntly that he was irresponsible and therefore not qualified to woo her. And that was a good love proposal gone awry.

Dera: The third story came from Dera, a very cool young man whose love interest was a classmate of his. According to him, the girl was very pretty and he simply could not take his eyes off of her. Most of the time, he was caught by his friends staring at her. It was a thrill, yet he couldn’t ask her out for fear of rejection even though he knew she liked him to; at least to some extent. So one day he conquered his insecurities and blurted out his mind as they sat outside with their classmates during break time. He told her that even though the possibility was that she might never talk to her again, that he liked her and would like to date her. She laughed out loud, and Dera’s heart filled with fear, for he feared he might just have completely disgraced himself before his friends. And just as his fear was growing out of proportions, the girl told Dera that she would think about it and get back in touch. She did think about it, and realized that she liked him too. She really figured they might be great together, surprising Dera who had expected nothing from her but a capitalized “no”. Unfortunately, the relationship crashed along the way, even though the girl is still in love with the wooer up till date. How about that for an [un]happy ending!

Garvin: Garvin had it tough if not violent! He tried talking to his source of infatuation, but she didn’t even give him the chance to explain himself. The moment she got the slightest idea what he was getting at, she shunned him so much and left. But it didn’t end there as she went home that day and reported what happened to her older brother. And as typical of protective older brothers, he came to warn Garvin to stay away from his sister and never try bothering her again. He was wise enough to heed that injunction…

Samuel: Finally, Samuel told me that the first time he wanted to ask a girl out, his biggest fear was about being rejected by her. To avert that, he first spoke to the big boys in class (also known as the back seat boys) to get insight from them on how to go about the whole thing since they were the ogas for the matter. They gave him hope, assuring him that it was easy after all. Consequently, Samuel went ahead and spoke to the girl. Unfortunately, the moment he got her attention, he forgot almost the entire words of the little speech he had prepared. Instead, he stammered her name, and the girl simply stared at her, indifferently asking him how he was. He said he was fine and that he had something to tell her- he wanted to be her lover! She stared at her coldly again, and his heart simply sank into his tummy. But then she surprised him, telling him that she thought he’d never ask! She had always known that he liked her, what… with the way he stared at her all day and laugh at her stupid jokes. So yes, she liked him too, and she was happy he finally became courageous enough to ask.

Many thanks to Shola, Dami, Garvin, Dera and Samuel. And thanks also to the others who were too shy to share their little secrets on this platform. Next time hopefully, I will round up some girlfriends and get them to share their experiences too. Be fun, guys…

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