How to Decline undesirable Date Requests without Being rude

I’d like to believe that every girl is familiar with the annoyance that comes with being repeatedly wooed by men they simply do not like. And I am not even girl. But as a young man who has had his fair share of the pestering called unsolicited flirtation, I can definitely relate to the struggle. I know how unflattering it can be to get those constant “helloshow are you today?” texts. But the good thing is that I’ve found a way to deal with it. And that is what I hope to share with you in this article; how to immediately discourage any prospective date in whom you are not interested. This method works like magic. And no…it doesn’t involve you being rude to anybody. Now let’s talk about it, shall we?

1. Be Pessimistic: You can agree with me that nobody wants you complaining to them all the time about your troubles. Now imagine that a guy is trying to talk to you for the first time, and then you are already telling him about your family troubles, about how you haven’t eaten in three days and how your whole world is collapsing right under your feet. The dude will quickly leave you alone, because he’d know right away that you are a project waiting to be worked on. And nobody really likes working on other people’s “projects”. 

2. Be Boring: No guy wants to be with girls that are boring. And during the initial stages of a romance, it can be a complete turnoff. That said, whenever a guy is making overtures at you and you are disinterested, you may consider becoming deliberately boring just to put him off. Interestingly, most girls have already mastered this trick, with their one-worded responses to messages and all.

3. Show Immediate Interest: This may sound contradictory, but the logic behind it is not. It is a given that most guys love the thrill associated with wooing. They love to be in charge of the courtship because to them it is adventurous and exciting. As a matter of fact, it is to them part of the attraction. Therefore, denying them of the chance to go through the chase is tantamount to killing off their interest. And this is why most guys frown at the idea of being wooed by girls. That said, it would be helpful to you (when you dislike someone) to become overly enthusiastic as soon as he indicates interest in you. Tell him how sexy he is, and how you’d love to jump his bones already. And then watch him leave you alone. You must be warned however, because this trick will only work to dissuade some guys not all. Some horny dudes will take you up on the offer even though you didn’t mean it; jumping on the bandwagon and seeing you as an easy ride.

In conclusion, it is a pretty normal thing to get constantly noticed by people who think you are attractive enough. It is also normal for you not to find them equally attractive. But what is not nice is rudely putting them off. This is why it’s important to learn some subtle ways to keep them at bay, while moving on your life without causing any hard feelings. 

I hope you’ve learned. 

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