Help! My Wife Is Killing me with Sex!!

​Hey Emmanuel,

I am a newly-married man, currently in my thirties. And I love my wife so much. But I have a serious problem when it comes to having sex with her. She has suddenly become so sex-crazed it’s hard to keep up with her pace. As a matter of fact, she is driving me crazy at this point. How can a woman have such a voracious appetite for sex? She wakes me up every morning with sex. I would awake to find her grabbing hold of my morning erection. And there is usually nothing I can do or say to prevent us from having [at least] two rounds of sex before I even pee or take a shower for work. At work, she’d sext me, telling me how she could not wait to have me all to herself in the night. And true to her words, my penis would not rest through much of the night. I would then wake up the following morning to more of such onslaught. I have been dealing with this sex mania for the past seven months. At this point, I am simply tired of having sex.

By the way, it is rather strange to see how my wife has suddenly come to love sex. I married her as a virgin. And throughout the time that we dated, she would not as much as allow me to kiss her. Days after we were officially wedded, I had to persuade and convince her that it was finally okay for us to have sex. And now she has come to love sex so much to the extent that it’s become difficult for me to keep up.

What should I do?


Emmanuel’s Response

Hello Oladimeji,

First of all, I must admit that it’s unusual for men to complain about their partner’s high libido. It is usually the other way round whereby women complain about their men’s constant demand for sex. I am however not [by any means] saying this to discredit the validity of your experience. Truth be told, some women do love to do the nasty. Bearing this in mind therefore, let’s talk.

From what I understand, your actual problem is your wife’s insatiable sexual appetite; not your inability to rise up to the occasion when need be. In other words, no erectile dysfunction on your part whatsoever. And as a young man myself, I can relate to the fact that too much sex can put quite the strain on the penis and even physically weaken the man. That’s what a challenge sex can be!

By the way, it is absolutely normal for a woman to suddenly develop a big appetite for sex. This happens a lot to those within a particular age bracket which I can imagine your wife is in. And for someone like her who lived through all those years being a virgin, it is understandable if she now wants to have all the sex she missed while she was keeping herself “holy” for you. 

Here is what I will suggest- you talk to your wife about this challenge because chances are that she doesn’t even know you aren’t enjoying it anymore as much as she does. Tell her how her insatiable appetite is stressing you out. Most importantly, tell her how you’ve come to view sex as a function you must perform as a husband, instead of something you can enjoy. Tell her [also] about how drained you always feel as a result of constantly having sex with her. And while telling her all of these, never forget to reassure her of your love for her, and how much you’d love to keep satisfying her; if only she could give you some breathing space in between.

Best regards.

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One Thought to “Help! My Wife Is Killing me with Sex!!”

  1. …or maybe, the wifey did not suddenly develop a voracious, insatiable appetite for sex. Maybe it’s the fellow who is experiencing a downturn in his desire for sex. He is probably stressed at or work or burdened with a lot of issues. Stress can fuck with a man’s mojo and he wouldn’t even know it. This Buhariya economy will do this to a man. We understand but dude, it is ur solemn duty to satisfy your wife in all ways possible. So dude, find a way to get back on the saddle and make that pussy purr to contentment. Do this for the manfolk and leave a vital lesson for our future sons unborn.

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