When Power Gets to the wrong Hands

One truth that is well known to me is the fact that Africa lacks good leaders. Nigeria [especially] has been doomed with a crop of very bad, altruism-lacking and utterly incompetent men and women who shamelessly parade themselves as leaders. This is hopelessly worrisome, even as it raises a very important question- who could possibly lead us out of our many troubles? This is an imperative question, seeing as our political system has become so corrupted and conditioned to favour bad leadership.

Now the thing about power is that once it gets into the wrong hand it tends to stay there. That is exactly what has happened to Nigeria. Since the year 1960, we have been ruled by these so called leaders whom (in all sincerity) we cannot pinpoint to the measures they have taken towards ensuring development in the land. These leaders are indeed the worst to have happened to Nigeria since its inception as a sovereign state. They have closely formed themselves into this closely-knit group called the ruling class, doing everything to enrich themselves while leaving the masses to their fates.

The truly unfortunate thing about the Nigerian system is that corruption has become a norm of public service. It is so bad to the extent that it is not uncommon to hear Nigerian youths talk about their ambition of getting into the corridors of power just so that they too could get finally their own slices of the national cake. Already, these youths have taken to practicing corruption in their various schools all in the name of campus politics. They are laying the foundation for the very bad leaders they would eventually become in the future; unless of course something gets done immediately to forestall it.

How did we get here? And most importantly, how can we get out of this situation? Is there hope for Nigeria? Who could possibly save us? It is high time we start making concerted effort towards challenging the status quo in our political system. We need to change the way we are governed in, by wresting our political power from the wrong hands that have held it hostage since independence. You may wonder how this could possibly be. Well it is simple…or perhaps not so much. One thing I do know [however] is that there is a certain power inherent in revolutions. This power has long seen the transformation of many countries, specifically most of the so called advanced countries in the world who went from experiencing the current situations we are faced with, to becoming some of the most democratic and prosperous countries in the world. It is indeed high time we consider the prospects of revolting against the corrupt few who have held the poor masses bound and impoverished for such a long time.

 I am tired of hearing about how these corrupt politicians empty our national treasuries and external reserves, while living large at the expense of the rest of us. I am tired of seeing all the young graduates, unemployed and hopeless while scampering for the next available job even as they are taken advantage of by the employers. I am tired of seeing our so called politicians use our able bodied men as thugs during election times, only to discard them afterwards. Most importantly, I am tired of seeing these utterly incompetent, visionless, inhuman and uneducated men and women who get access to the seats of power. These crop of bad leaders have done enough damage to our beloved country. Let us look towards repairing the damages.

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