We Should all be Whistle Blowers!

Last week, the little-known whistle blower (who earlier this year made some startling revelations about the billions of naira that were stashed away in a luxury Ikoyi flat) finally got paid his commission. It was an interesting development, seeing as he got paid the whooping sum of N421 million; nearly half the original commission due him. Indeed he deserves all that and more. After all, it was his brave action that helped the Nigerian government to recover those billions of naira that had apparently been stolen by one person. Moreover, considering all the controversies the whistle blower has had to deal with in the wake of his revelations, the money he got is good enough compensation for his troubles. 

This turn of events has made me come to the realisation of just how lucrative a business whistleblowing can be. As a matter of fact, I encourage everyone to consider going into it. All you have to do is to have a tip, contact the appropriate government agency [via www.whistle.finance.gov.ng) and you’d be on your way to getting compensated big time. It should be this simple. After all, that is exactly what I understand our unknown (yet famous) whistle blower to have done… or not.

How can you become a successful whistle blower?

1. You first have to be connected to the high and mighty in the society. This is important because that is the only way to become privy to the secrets of stashed corruption money. What this means therefore is that you must be on the lookout, keeping your senses attuned to wherever the secrets are. Chances are that you too will find out about that secret flat where some billions of embezzled of public funds have been hidden. Now since most of these corruptly-wealthy Nigerians are notorious for mistreating their aides and subordinates, give them the ultimate retaliation by exposing their secrets.

2. You must be resilient and prepared for battle! This is inevitable because, unlike what you may like to believe, whistleblowing is not a fun and simple game. It is akin to battle against all the principalities and powers in the Nigerian political space. If you are not prepared for it, you might as well forget about whistleblowing. To explain this further, just take a look at the hassle our celebrated whistle blower has had to grapple with. There were people out to harm him. Even the government he just helped to recover all those money tried several times to deny him of the commission entitled him. They even went as low as suggesting that he was mentally unstable. But through it all, he persevered. He fought long and hard till the end. And now, his bravery has paid off.

Perhaps we should all be whistle blowers, because by so doing we would be aiding the fight against corruption, while standing the chance of earning some serious money that could last a lifetime. 

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