The Diary of a None-Chauvinist

Some people think I’m weird. And this is simply because I am a man who fly the feminist flag. They wonder why I do it, even as they wonder whether there is even such a thing as a male feminist. And so they make light of my masculinity, often going short of calling me a woman. But I am not deterred by their bullying. Instead,  I hold onto my perspectives about how women ought to be treated in our societies, even as I make those known also. For I am a none-chauvinist,  and I believe that everyone deserves to be treated respectfully  at all times; regardless of the genitalia between their legs.

Growing up as a little boy, I was always in such constant awe of women. I always knew that there is something very special about them; something that is almost superhuman. Their resilience to life’s hurdles amazed me just as much as it inspired me. And of course their beauty, which up till date continues to mesmerize me. Unfortunately, over the years, I have also come to realisation of the injustice society subjects these beautiful set of humans to. Coming to this realisation shaped my feminist outlook on life. And today, I am proud to be the repudiator of every chauvinistic ideologies.

Indeed, I knew right early on in life that I had to become an advocate of some sort of gender mainstreaming advocate. And this is due to the fact that even I myself have been negatively impacted by the injustice called gender bias. Every time I talk about feminism, I am motivated to do so by the story of my maternal grandmother. She was a woman who was short-changed and disadvantaged by her society and particularly her own father; all because she was female. Despite the fact that she was her father’s first child of her local Chief father who had the resources to send her to school, she was was denied the opportunity. The excuse for this was that it was uncultural for a girl to be educated as it was the duty of girls to get married, satisfy their husbands in the kitchen and bedroom, and then raise kids. This is the parochial worldview that denied my grandma a chance to get the all important start in life which her younger brother got. Consequently, she ended up marrying a local farmer, while her younger brother ended up getting a Master’s degree. This is the story of two siblings, one of whom died an impoverished subsistence  farmer, and the other who died as one of the richest people of his time.

Indeed, treating women and girls with respect and availing them the same opportunities as men does not do any harm. The reverse is however the case when women are suppressed by culture and legislation. I therefore use this small medium to call on every well-meaning human to embrace gender-equality and clamour for it. This is very important because s it is often said, the rest of humanity succeeds and thrives when women succeed and thrive.

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