A Concerned Nigerian Youth Has Called out a Nigerian Governor for Wasting everyone’s Time and Resources! 

Facebook user Vox St. Ifeanyi MaryAugustine today took to his Timeline to call out Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State for his failure to govern well.

He complained about the Governor’s penchant for elaborately celebrating his birthday and his children’s weddings while squandering public funds in the process.

The young man who, (like many others in Imo State are fed up with the Governor), mentioned how the Eastern Nigerian state has become more like  a tourist destination to many dignitaries from within and outside Nigeria. But unfortunately, they go there not to exchange policy ideas or commission projects, but to attend parties and waste public funds even as the common man  in the streets starve.

See the angry rant below:

“Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has visited IMO state twice since last year, President of Ghana has visited IMO state twice since last year, many governors have visited IMO State both APC and PDP, Ministers have also came to IMO state.

None of these people came to commission or flag off any project in the State, they all came during the governors birthday celebration, his son in-laws child dedication, his daughters foundation unveiling or one frivolity or the other. 
Since three weeks now governance has been grounded in the state all in the name of celebrating birthdays, yesterday almost all the entertainers in Nigeria were in Owerri for same birthday celebration, other States are moving on, bringing out life changing policies, in IMO state we are only good at spending billions of naira on frivolities, millions of tax payers money have gone into this birthday, in a state where to pay salary is a big problem.

Billions being wasted on personal happiness and self praises while Pensioners, old mothers and fathers, are not paid their little monies. Many of them ill, dying in hunger and  frustration

Any young soul that will vote for APC again especially in Imo State will crack and fall like old clay pot 


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