Why you must Endeavour to Lose your excessive Weight this New Year

To most people the world over, loosing weight and embracing a more healthy lifestyle is the go-to new year resolution. It sounds good to say, and even does have a way of making one feel good too! Unfortunately, this type of new year resolution is seldom followed through; much like anything new year resolution. That notwithstanding however, I will like to highlight [AGAIN] the reasons why it will be of your own best interest to shed those excessive fat you’ve accumulated over the years. This message is for me to by the way… 

You see, I’ve always known that people with slimmer frames tend to live healthier, sickness-free lives. They live without the possibility of developing complicated medical conditions that could potentially send them to their early graves. But despite knowing all thesr and fully understanding the correlation between healthy lifestyle choices and good health, I’ve struggled to do the needful. I must confess that I sometimes look myself in the mirror and think to myself that I could soon start competiting with my father over whose belly is the biggest if I didn’t stop eating those junks. It is a sad realisation to make at my age. But perhaps what is even most sad is the fact that I continuously find it difficult to cut the junk off my plates and embrace the healthier choices. And you can’t really blame me…  exercise is excruciating and undesirable.

Thankfully enough, I had an epiphany by the end of 2017- the realisation that I can actually take my own health into my hands; protecting it, pampering it and making sure that it becomes the best it can possibly be. For this reason, I resolved to once again lose all of my excess fat in 2018. And this time I didn’t just resolve to do it, I have have actually been doing it; working out for one hour straigh [every day] right inside of my living spaces. 

I simply cannot over-emphasise the need for everyone to reduce (or keep)  their body mass index at an absolutely decent measure. Terrible diseases such as heart attack and diabetes [to mention just a few] will never afflict you if your body is kept in the right size and shape. Other medical complications typically resulting from bad food choices and over weight will never happen to you if only you put the right [nutritious] type of food in your mouth. Therefore, if not for anything else, eat right and exercise regularly and see that as a way of insuring your body. 

In conclusion, people who consistently eat a balanced diet and exercise for at least more than three hours per week tend not only to be healthy on the inside but also on the outside. Therefore, if you desire to have one of those healthy, beautiful and shapeful bodies owned by those models and celebrities that you admire, then you must be committed to make the needful sacrifices today and always. 

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