Simple Tricks to Living the good Life while on a Budget

Living the good life doesn’t always have to be expensive. Unfortunately, this is a simple secret many people are unaware of. They believe that in order for you to live a life of luxury, you must first have a lot of money, and be willing to spend it all on designer goods. Well let me break it down for you right now- inasmuch as having money gives you easy access to virtually all the materials things you may need/want, you can still be able to live a considerably luxurious lifestyle even on your budget. All you need to do is learn some of the simple tricks I am about to share, and then thank me later.

The first step to living the good life while on a budget is to be content with what you can afford. You must always have it at the back of your mind that you are not from the Dangote family, neither are you from the Awosika’s or Otedola’s. Instead, you are just an average income earner, determined to live the good life (even with the little that you have), without straining your pocket. Look at it more like a simulated experiment…whatever that means. In any case, do not for one second forget your actual financial reality and go splurging on all the designer things of the world because, doing that is how people become bankrupt. And trust me, bankruptcy isn’t what you want in your life!

The second most important thing is for you to have a very good home management skill. You must be the kind of human that is capable of managing a very small amount of money, using it to purchase all the vital things you need, and at very good rates too. In other words, you must be able to prioritise what is most important to you, bargain for the best deals and manage everything well to ensure that no wastages occur. Most Nigerian mothers are already experts in this regard. The only difference however is that whereas a typically Nigerian mother would prioritise and bargain in order for her to save some money for herself, here the focus is on spending a given budget wisely in order to meet all needs and wants.

Moving on then, you must ensure to have a high sense of aesthetics and be ready to apply same in order to make your inexpensive decor seem expensive. This probably does not even make any sense to you. So let me explain it further to you. You can attest to the fact that the most obvious things about the rich are the tasteful decorations in their living spaces, the quality and design of the clothes they wear, the cars they drive and sometimes even the food they eat. And what makes these things unique [truth be told] is the beauty of their designs as much as it is about the high price tags attached to them. Mrs Folorunsho’s house for instance must be very beautiful to behold because the décor is fantastic. And the good thing is that you too can design your house beautifully without necessarily owning all those expensive things. This is therefore where it becomes important to have a high sense of aesthetics. And the good thing about designing is that it doesn’t discriminate, in the sense that you can decorate with your cheap materials and it’d still be great to behold. People are drawn to beauty. And even though some people with high tastes are always quick to discern quality, they will nonetheless appreciate the aesthetic effort once it is there.

It is also very important to have a high maintenance culture and be committed to keeping your house clean. Sadly enough, this is a habit most Nigerians lack; including the wealthy ones. But while the wealthy can easily hire helps to help keep their environments sparkling at all times, you may not have that luxury. But you do have another option nonetheless, and that is to clean your surrounding yourself. Once again, this is highly important because all the above highlighted efforts would amount to nothing if you not make it a habit to maintain and preserve.

Here is wishing you a life of luxury!

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