How to Survive on a 10k Monthly Budget in Lagos

It is no news that life is difficult in these streets. The situation has become so bad, so much so that a fancy economics concept is even being used to describe it- recession. Agreed, the Nigerian economy may have relatively emerged from recession; according to the government. Yet, we all know that those figures released by the government do not actually reflect what obtains in people’s every day economic situations. Little wonder we still have many Nigerians who are finding it extremely difficult putting food on their tables on a daily basis. In the light of this therefore, I am writing this to show you how you can live on a ten thousand naira budget, or not.

Now let me disappoint you by letting you know that it is [absolutely] impossible to survive on a ten thousand naira monthly budget in Lagos. Some of the reasons why this is the case are herein discussed. First of all, let us assume that you live and work on the mainland of Lagos; the sum of ten thousand naira would be barely even enough to cover your monthly transportation costs. You are on your own if you live on the mainland and work on the island! Even those who have their own cars are not exempt you from this problem. As a matter of fact, owning a car actually compounds the costs for you because then, you would have to worry about petrol, car maintenance and the occasion expenses that may crop up when you bump another car or get bumped.

Food is yet another reason why it is nearly impossible to live on a ten thousand naira budget in Lagos. It is damn expensive to feed well in this Lagos! If you are the type that cook your own meals, you will bear with me that the three main staple food items (garri, rice and beans) are constantly on the high side. There is also the costs of the cooking gas, the condiments and everything else. Now mind you, it is always cheaper to cook at home than to eat out. That said, if ten thousand will not be enough for you to buy all the necessary food items that will keep you nourished throughout the month, it must definitely will not be enough for you to eat three square meal at a restaurant throughout the month. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to survive on that amount per month, unless of course you are a professional miser. 

Let me briefly talk about something else that gulp your money every single day- phone bills. We all make phone calls almost every other day. And when we are not calling someone, we are texting them on Whatsapp, or better still socialising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We also do our researches online and whatnot. All of that costs money. And believe it or not, we cannot break away from our phones despite all the expenses they incur. At the end of the day, you discover that your phone bill per month totals nearly half of that ridiculous   ten thousand naira monthly budget; yet another reason why it is impossible for anyone (other than a professional miser) to live on that per month.

The point with this article is to buttress how damn expensive everything is and how much people are struggling to survive on a daily basis. It does not matter whether you are working or unemployed; the economic struggle is so real for everybody. And it is unfortunate to see how much money our public officials continue to waste everyday on irrelevant things such as building statues and whatnot. It is necessary for those in charge of affairs in this country to truly become altruistic, concerned about the plight of the common man while also doing something towards bettering their lots. That is the number one reason why they are occupying public offices in the first place after all.   

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