How Can you Plan for your Success in 2018?

Every new year comes with new exciting opportunities. But without proper planning, hard work and determination, said opportunities will simply elude you. In the same vein, your ability to organise your life goes a long way in ensuring the actualisation of your success agenda. That said, how then can you plan to be successful [or more successful] this new year? Well let’s talk about it, shall we? 

The first step to planning for success is to actually have a plan. You must plan how you intend to achieve your goals. This is important because as you may well know, it is one thing to wish for success, and another thing to have clear-cut idea of how to go about achieving your desired success. Therefore, the one thing that is sure to help you in your quest for success is to be able to plan your success agenda.  You simply cannot do without it, not if you’re really interested in being successful anyway. Note that planning will involve you knowing exactly what you want and how to get it done. Assuming that one of your set goals for 2018 is to get a job by all means, you must become aware of how to device the means to getting it done. This is necessary, especially considering how uneasy it is to get a job in Nigeria. A plan without a plan is as good as useless. 

Moving on, planning your success will require you to have an agenda. Map out what I like to call your success agenda which should include the list of all the things you intend to achieve. Do you want to get a new job? Do you wish to become the proud owner of some piece of real estate? Or is it a car that you intend to buy? You must make a list of what you wish to achieve because said list will become your set goals, intended to remind you of what need[s] to be actualised within a particular point in time. You may also want to think about how best to go about achieving said set goals. This brings us to the next point… Below. 

Acquaint yourself with all factors and available opportunities necessary and relevant for the achievement of your success agenda. Here is what I mean- there are many important aspects to achieving success which must be met if you truly wish to be successful. Let’s assume once again that you wish to get a new job in Public Relations. Have you bothered to acquire some professional certifications in order to stand a chance? Have you rewritten your CV to fit the new job you are intending to get? Just how prepared are you to be successful? Remember, success seldom happens by chance. For this reason you must be prepared to meet it whenever it happens. That said, you must ensure to equip yourself by meeting all the basic requirements for the success you intend to achieve. And after that, deliberately seek out the opportunities that are relevant to you. 

In conclusion, success doesn’t come easily. Much like all good things, you must be committed to making it happen. It is false hope to think that all the good things in life happen to those who sit and wish for them. And while I am not jettisoning the possibility of miracles happening, it’s best to live in the actual reality of our existence by realising on time that you must work for what you want. So do you wish to be successful? Then it’s time for you to lay the right foundation in order for that to happen. Get to work please! 

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