A Look into the charming, glamorous and Privileged Lives of Nigeria’s Super Rich

Let’s be clear about one thing- money makes the world go round! This is one truism which most of Nigeria’s wealthiest ones know so well. Theirs is the privileged kind of life! Talk about fast cars, luxury mansions and all the good things you could ever think of. I mean… Just pause for a moment and think through the fact  that while some of us had to attend grammar school, the rich kids were jetted off to exotic places such as Swistzerland to attend private schools. And even those of them who studied here did so in schools where a term’s tuition for a single student’s enough to pay the salaries of more than a hundred underpaid civil servants…

Indeed, the world of Nigeria’s super elite is definitely something good enough to be desired.  For them, life comes with less worries and everyday is like Christmas. Just imagine living the lives of the Otedola’s. DJ Cuppy and her sisters are the rich kids of Africa! The pretty ladies are always jetting around the world in first class and private jets of course.  Talk about the actual flybirds; Lagos to London, Paris to New York. It must be nice, yeah?

 Now let’s not even talk about their shopping sprees. Oh! My gushness! All the luxury brands in Paris’ high-end stores are simply meant for them. Talk about Chanel, Dior, Rasaci and Gucci; to mention just a few. They have to look good, right? After all, money is not the problem. And they since they hang out with A-list international celebrities, they better look gorgeous doing so.

luxury cars, luxury yadtchts and Private planes; just a few of the must-haves. And then there’s their craze for foreign properties. They purchase houses in choice cities across Europe, the Americas and of course Dubai. And just in case you are wondering where you will find them in Nigeria, look no further than places like Banana Island, Lekki and Asokoro in the FCT.

Now just so we are clear again, I do love rich people. I even know a few of them personally, and it is my aspiration to one day be as fuckingly rich as they are. Yet, I have just a tiny [bit] problem with these wealthy ones. The fact that their privileges enable them to get away with a lot of their misdeeds isn’t something nice.  You are probably familiar with the likes of Obanikoro, Stella Oduah, Bode George… an endless list of people whose alleged crimes were shoved under the carpet just because because they are monied. Let’s not forget those horrible bosses who abuse their employees at work just because they can. These are the MDs who continually enrich themselves, thanks to the hardwork of their underpaid staffers. Perhaps injustice is indeed a common nature to some of these words. And there really isn’t much to desire about that aspect of their lives after all.

 In any case, let me conclud  by saying that nothing delights my heart more than seeing wealthy Nigerians who make their money through legitimate means, and also have the hearts to reach out to those who lack. To all such people, may the wealth abound.

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