Word of Advice to every upcoming Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur by Mazeli Mbanefo

Brand value and recognition takes years of hardwork, consistency, patience and exceeding customer’s expectations over and over again to achieve…

That’s why I can’t seem to understand alot of  Oloriburukupreneurs I’ve met in Lagos; You have no brand name what so ever other than some half baked slogan of a name which anyone with half a brain could easily come up with, yet you want to sell me your product for an exorbitant amount of money, with an attitude to add.  

Few months back,  someone tried to sell a tie&dye  t-shirt for 15k,  another tried to sell socks to me for 2.5k per pair(I don’t even know what they used to sew it). I’ve seen shit from people I wanna patronize because #JustTrynaBeAGoodLad.  

Now if you’re not Yomi casual, or other famous names in the Nigerian fashion sphere, you don’t have any right to be charging such amount of money for your merchandise. When you put in the work, receive recognition and become relevant enough to refuse services to people,  then you’re free to do whatever you like, but until then shove your goods down your hole.  

You’re gonna remain on your plastic high horse,  pretending you’re relevant, while other people with tact,  patience, talent and maturity to be in charge of a business would breeze past you,  while you remain at the same spot.  

Remember,  talent isn’t all that matters,  Leona Lewis is a better singer than Beyonc√©,  but she’s not nearly as successful by a stretch.

Be humble, patient,  learn and grow…  Learn from Icarus not to fly too close to the sun…  

Disclaimer: To all my entrepreneur acquaintances, this is not about you, but if the shoe fits, who am I to stop you from wearing it…

Mazeli Mbanefo is a Financial Services professional. He is also a staunch social critic.

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