Mai Atafo: The Man responsible for Making Nigerian Celebrities Look fabulous in bespoke Clothes

Can you believe that one man is mostly responsible for making Nigeria’s Nollywood stars look chick and dapper? Well you gots to believe that! And that one man is Mai Atafo, a creative genius like none you’ve ever seen or heard of. Mai is among the select Nigerian designers who have successfully shifted the fashion tastes of many affluent Nigerians fromeverything foreign to all things local. Indeed, he’s so good at what he does so much so that during a recent high profile wedding between two of Nigeria’s most prominent celebrities, the groom’s men, the groom himself, and bride all donned his outfits!

So who exactly is Mai Atafo? A little bio please…

Mai is a forty year old bespoke fashion designer, born and bred in Nigeria. He is one of the few people like him in the field of fashion who have had to abandon straight-cut-out professional paths to embrace their love for fashion. This is because as a young professional, he worked in various capacities  at the British American Tobacco of Nigeria, Guineas Nigeria  . Throughout his professional career in the corporate world, his love for fashion kept calling. Little wonder how  resigned from his position as Guiness Nigeria’s brand manager in 2010; the same year he established his now successful fashion brand Mai Atafo.

His is a luxury brand. And going by his growing list of clientele, it is obvious that he is doing a great job. I am particularly proud of him for the simple fact that he is one of the fearless young Nigerian entrepreneurs so determined to create wealth and empower others with employment opportunities while boosting the economy in the process. perhaps his awards speak better of his excellence than I ever can with this piece. There are quite a lot of the awards by the way!

If you ever are in need of luxury clothes (including bridal gowns and groom’s wear),  then I highly recommend that you contact Mai Atafo. He will certainly make ensure to give you the high taste that you desire, even as you will be pumping those hard currencies back into our economy instead of giving it to the Americans and the Europeans.

Below are some pictures of his luxurious designs/creations…



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