Can we just Talk about Beverly Naya’s incredible Fashion Sense for a Moment?!

She is fierce in all her ways, and perhaps especially so in her fashion choices. It’s difficult to ignore the delicate yet bold/chick style for which she’s known. Indeed, Beverly is one of those A-list Nollywood actresses who slay fashion both on the red carpet and while casually chilling. And now this has gotten so good to the point that we can no longer keep quiet. So we are going to talk about her incredible fashion sense for a second. And while we do that, hopefully you’d enjoy it while learning a few tips.

1. The first thing to know about Beverly’s style choices is that they are subtle yet loud! And why not?! She simply defines what I like to call fashion balance. Beverly has found the perfect balance between the conservative and vulgar, and in so doing constantly slays us with her moderately sexy fashion. May I reiterate at this point that it’s practically impossible to not like whatever this woman wears. And perhaps the reason why is because she’s neither vulgar nor boring.

2. Beverly takes fashion risks, but without risking too much. It’s not unusual to see her exposing her skin here and there; after all she’s not a nun. As a matter of fact, her dress to the premier of The Wedding Party 2 typically exemplify her fashion risk-taking moves. This is because she showed skin, but not in a way that it repulsed us or caused her a wardrobe malfunction. At the end of the day, we’re all happy and wowed. That’s something only Beverly can do!

3. Beverly  wears Nigerian and is proud to do so! Like most of her contemporaries, she’s embraced the wear Naija movement, helping to place  the needful spotlight on Nigerian fashion while boosting the economy in the process. If there is no other reason for loving her fashion choices, this should be it!

4. Beverly has the perfect body type which fits rightly in everything she wears. And then her skin tone has a way of blending in too to make the clothes even more beautiful than they originally are.

In conclusion, there’s no gainsaying the fact that Beverly is an incredibly talented actress and a beautiful woman. For these I love her. And if I were a girl, I’d copy of all her fashion routine ’cause she’s that good!




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