A closer Look at all the Fashion Moments at the 2018 Sound City MVPs…

The 2018 Sound City MPVs happened yesterday night in Lagos and as expected, celebrities showed up and showed off.  And because awards shows are useless without their fashion moments, we are now going to talk about it, shall we? 


The delectable Ghanian actress accompanied her rapper boyfriend to the MVPs dressed in a gorgeous Erica Moore gown. The couture dress did a great job at not only complementing the actress’ complexion and hair colour, but also accentuating her perfect curves.  

What I like the most about Juliet’s fashion statement at the MVPs is the fact that at was subtle yet loud; many thanks to her stylist, Swanky Jerry. Her metallic hairstyle matched her dress colour, which was almost a bit too much. But the makeup artist was able to blend everything just perfectly together. And at the end of the day, Juliet looked the best she ever did on the red carpet. 


He was the host of the night, and he wore Mai Atafo. But inasmuch as I like Mai Atafo and his bespoke clothing brand, I must confess that I did not quite like Ebuka’s looks last night. Now don’t get me wrong, the tuxedoes were great-looking, and I do like the trouser too. But I feel like the styling should have been done a little differently.  First of all, he should have gotten rid of that bow tie! It should have best been a casual  look, something a bow tie doesn’t quite serve right. More so, the whole bit would have best been worn without those particular pair of shoes. A pair of suede instead would have been nice I guess. But then again this is my opinion; you do not have to agree. 

As a young man, I believe that there are no in-betweens when it comes to either dressing casually or officially. It’s either you come looking official (in this case with your stockings Mr Ebuka), or you be fly by getting rid of the bow tie.

On a lighter note though, I do like the second outfit he wore. It was a white tuxedo, although he had still worne that bow tie which he needed to have gotten rid of… 


I don’t know who Davido wore to the MVPs last night. But I do like the look very much. That to me is what the award show attendees should look like- urban. I like the ripped jeans, the shoes, the dangling chains and the exposed tatoes. Although I’ve got to tell you something- I am a little confused as to why he had to wear two different wrist watches at the same time. Is it the billions in his account that is disturbing him? Well… Whatever Davido! 


For the perfect look, Tiwa Savage went back to her go to stylist Kizaster. And I tell you something, this retro look is everything! I just like everything about it and especially the colour. And without talking too much, I hereby award Tiwa the best dressed person at last night’s MVPs. 

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