Stephanie Linus is undoubtedly Nigeria’s Angelina Jolie!

Asides being an incredibly beautiful and talented [world class actress], Stephanie Linus is now becoming known for something even more remarkable- her consistent humanitarian efforts! 

Of all her contemporaries, she is probably the only one who has distinguished herself by dedicating her time and efforts to fighting the course of the less-privileged. She does this on a global scale and with the help of the United Nations and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; UNHCR. 

For this reason I compare her with Hollywood’s iconic Jolie, another incredibly talented star who has dedicated her life to fighting injustice and providing hope to many…

For the past couple of days, Stephanie has been in Italy on a working visit, meeting with government bodies and NGOs there in a bid to understand the upsurge in human trafficking and sexual exploitation cases of African migrants, as well as to provide solution.
In a statement earlier released via her Instagram page, the actress said the following:

In partnership with the world-renowned international medical humanitarian organisation “Doctors Without Borders” (Médecins Sans Frontières) @MSF_Sea and SOS mediterranean, I recently arrived in Italy to give support to rescued people and raise my voice against human rights violations like trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

Over the next few days, I’ll be participating in rehabilitation exercises for the rescued women, visit the rescue ship “Aquarius”, media parleys and stakeholder meetings aimed at alleviating their sufferings and preventing more prey. I will also be meeting with some of these vulnerable women and listening to their stories. Advocacy and intervention measures for this dire situation can never be too much, and I hope to do everything I can to shed light on human trafficking of these innocent victims. I urge you to join me as well. 

#notohumantrafficking #msf

Mind you, these highstake meetings she talked about are what diplomats are known for. Sadly, our own diplomats have fallen short on expectations. So it is really incredible to see Stephanie taking this upon herself and doing it so elegantly. 
More power to her. 

What are they not hearing? #notohumantrafficking #msf #togetherforrescue

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