Omoni Oboli Has just Shared a much Needed Insight on Depression

Omoni Oboli is one of those down to earth Nollywood superstars known for their jovial and caring dispositions towards their fans. So it comes as no surprise when she took some time off her busy schedules to write about depression and how it is a rampant, silent problem affecting so many Nigerians on a daily basis.

Hinting about a message she received from an undisclosed friend, she edged her fans to make it a duty to constantly check up on those dear to them and even strangers, as that could help forestall all these cases chronic depression and even suicides or attempted suicides which has become more like a daily occurrence.

We are all smiling but are we all happy? A good friend of mine sent me a message today that reminded me again that depression is real and it's rampant in society today. Please please please, make it a habit to check on your friends and loved ones. So many suicides and attempts. So many people have fallen into very deep depression that could have been avoided if we paid a little more attention. Let's not get too busy to care. Ask questions beyond the regular 'how are you?' Dig a little deeper. Show love and care. I know times can be hard but speak up, talk to people around you. Don't die in silence. Don't forget, a problem shared is a problem half solved. God bless us all #ChildOfGrace #AfrcianButter#WivesOnStrikeTHEREVOLUTION #InCinemasFromDec29

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It is incredible to see Ms Oboli using her platform to speak on an important issue such as this. It is especially commendable considering the fact that so many cases of suicide have occurred this year alone. We have heard of a medical doctor leaping into the Lagos lagoon, a fifteen year old girl drinking rat poison, and most recently a Director at a Kogi State ministry handing himself.  These are just a few of the cases that made it to our national consciousness; cases that could have been forestalled all the same.

Indeed, life is hard for most people in the country as most of them cannot even as much as buy their meals and pay their rents. These and more problems like it could combine to make people suicidal. But sometimes, a simple phone call or an encouraging text message could give somebody hope and dissuade them from nursing suicidal thoughts. So let us learn this very well from Omoni and do just as she had said.

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