How Isaac Success Flopped in Bed, Caused a Scene and Got Arrested!

Imagine a night purposed for fun and wild sex! Four beautiful prostitutes and a football star of a hunk. This would have been a great night except for one little problem- the man’s penis refused to rise up to the occasion.

This is exactly what recently happened when Nigerian international footballer Isaac Success contracted four prostitutes and paid them the sum of two thousand pounds for a night of sexual romping. He however demanded his money back after his johnny failed him.

The Sun reports that that the Premier League star was arrested following the altercation that ensued between him and the prostitutes at an undisclosed hotel in the UK.
Success claimed that the prostitutes cheated him out of his hard-earned money. This was after he earlier boasted and lured said prostitutes with talks about his impressive weekly wages as a high-ranking sports celebrity.

Meanwhile, the footballer’s lack of performance in bed (which by the way is akin to his recorded lack of performance on the pitch) was blamed on the fact that he consumed way too much alcohol prior to trying to sleep with the prostitutes.

Here is what one of them told journalists:

“Four of us massaged him for a full hour and a half — as long as a football match. He had been boasting to us all night about how much he earned and how much fun we were going to have.

He seemed really keen on Baileys — swigging the stuff out of the bottle. It made me cringe because it’s so sickly sweet. He seemed a bit shy and awkward, probably because he’s only 21. .

All five of us were squirming around on the bed but after a while we realised the Baileys had taken its toll. Eventually, I told him I couldn’t stay any longer and we couldn’t give him extra time. .

That’s when things started to get nasty. He accused us of ripping him off and asked for his money to be returned. It was terrifying. There was a lot of screaming which must have woken the entire hotel. At that point the police were called. .

I ended up with a slight cut on my face and a bruise on my arm during the chaos. I don’t know how it happened. During the row I also stumbled backwards and broke the heels of my £600 Louboutin shoes. It meant I was already £100 down.” 

The incident is currently under police investigation.

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