Falz Is Giving away N3,429000 to 27 lucky Fans 

Falz TheBahdGuy is 27 years old today. And to celebrate that, he released an album aptly titled 27. Now he is promising to give away the whopping sum of three million, four hundred and twenty nine thousand naira to his fans. There’s a catch however.

The move is no doubt a brilliant marketing strategy for the album as much as it is an altruistic way to give back to the fans.

All the 27 possible winners of the one N127,000 [each] will be dedicated to streaming the 27 album the most within the next twenty seven days on the music plus platforms. This is the main condition for qualification.

In the announcement video posted by the singer on his Instagram page (which by the way depicts him in his typical Falz Mode), he makes the conditions very clear.

There is no doubt that his fans all over the place will fall over themselves to make this happen; winning some cool cash will getting the album across to millions of others.

This is just one of the many brilliant ways Nigerian acts are adopting to promote their music.

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