Davido Has nothing to Do with Tagbo’s Death- Claims

Remember Tagbo, the young man whose sudden death went viral yesterday on the internet? Well it appears new details have now emerged about the circumstances that led to his untimely death.

According to available evidence, he might have died after hours-long alcohol and drug binge. And unlike Caroline’s accusations, pop star Davido has nothing to do with the death.

Yesterday was Tagbo’s birthday; and unfortunately his deathday as well. Meanwhile, to celebrate, he was spotted at a club (The Shisha Lounge) where he partied hard. And while he was there with his friends, Davido breezed in, stayed for a while and left long before Tagbo would eventually die

In a statement released by Davido’s publicists,  the singer was quite upset as to how Danjuma could boldly make such serious and unfounded accusations against him.

It was not even his car that was used to transport the dead boy’s body to the hospital unlike Danjuma’s clams.

This is a developing story and we shall continue to follow it. In the meantime, watch the clip of Tagbo’s binge on alcohol moments before his death.

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