Why would this Woman Cut off her Neighbour’s Tongue?

At about 11:30 Pm on Thursday night (August 5th), tragedy struck in Ogudu Lagos. A young man by the name Suleman Babangida was attacked by his neighbour without provocation. By the end of it all, his tongue was cut off and he was maimed for life.

The woman in question has been identified by her first name Illerioluwa. And even though the purpose for her actions are yet to be made public (by her that is), many are already speculating that she acted out of a desperate need to get rich quickly through ritual means.

But unfortunately for her, her plans failed as she was arrested. She is currently in custody at Kirikiri Prison and will no doubt be made to face the full weight of the law; albeit the Nigerian way. That notwithstanding however, it will be difficult for the victim to forget that he lost his tongue during what must have been a torturous experience. He is currently now in pain and cannot even eat. And what is worse is that he would have to live without his tongue for the rest of his life as it could not be reattached when it was recovered by the assailant

The victim managed to speak about what happened to him. According to him, he once held his assailant in high esteem prior to the unfortunate event of Thursday night.

“It was around 11:30 Pm when I came back home” he narrated. “Then when I was about to go and urinate at the bathroom, all of a sudden I just saw this lady that I usually call Illerioluwa at my back inside the bathroom. I was like ‘sister Illeri what’s happening’. And all of a sudden, she just choked my neck and I could not have the strength to scream out. All I could see next was that my tongue had been cut off…”

It is difficult to imagine the things some people are wicked enough to do to others all in the name of ritualism and getting money quickly. Some of the beliefs people have in Nigeria and what it makes them do is appalling. And we can only hope that people remain safe and be weary of those around them as well as their beliefs.


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