Why Do Models Fall on the Runway?

Back in 2015 while walking a Givenchy runway during the New York Fashion Week, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel missed her steps and fell dramatically to the floor, injuring her pretty knees in the process. It made quite the headlines mostly for all the wrong reasons; “wrong” because it was funny and meme-worthy. But then on a more serious note, Candice’s fall  drew spotlight to some of the risks associated with the fashion industry. To the spectators, it may seem like an all-glamorous-affair. But just like every other profession, the cat-walking business also has its hazards.

This then brings us to the important question about why our beautiful angels with the catlegs often go “kissing the floor” during fashion shows. There are many reasons why this happens ever so often. First and formost, it has a lot to do with stage fright. Everyone is familiar with that feeling of unease whenever you have to be before the very eyes of everyone in the room. It can become quite overwhelming for the models knowing that every pair of eye in the room is staring at them. Unfortunately, this resultant feeling of utter discomfort may cause the model to loose balance and fall. This happens despite the poise and professional candour of most seasoned models as you can be seen in the case of Candice…

But lack of professionalism can also be a reason why some models fall on the runway. Now some people may disagree with this. After all, even some of the so called supermodels have fallen before. Indeed that is correct. But it does not [by any means] discredit the fact that one’s ability to learn that graceful art of cat-walking goes a long way in ensuring good poise while on the runway. Indeed, modeling is much more than merely trotting up and down a runway. Remember that these models often have to wear “complicated dresses” and stilettos; said dresses which could get caught up in the stilettos and cause a fall. It therefore becomes imperative for the model to really practice and get to master their catwalks before it’s showtime. That’s professionalism!

Lastly, let us talk about the stilettos some more; shall we? It is most times the major reason for the disgraceful falls we see on the runways. And the reason isn’t far-fetched- stilettos are super uncomfortable and requires serious mastering before one can comfortably walk in them. And so for this reason, practice once again becomes inevitable.

No matter the actual causes of models’ falls on the runway, the truth remains that it is completely funny to see beautiful and confident-looking models suddenly fall to the floor while walking those runways. It can only be hoped that our models take all available preventive measures to forestalls such because it can indeed be dangerous…

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