The Teenage Diary


Dear diary…

Today was embarrassing! Many awkward things happened to me all at once, one of which being my mother’s discovery that I own an android phone. She ceased the phone, went through its content [without my permission], and became privy to all of my little secrets. Can you believe that she actually scanned through all of my social media platforms and read all of my conversations? She violated my privacy! Like…how can she do that to me?! I am so unhappy with my mother right now. 

But my mother is not happy with me either. She found out that I’ve been accessing pornographic contents online, the most awkward thing ever! I mean, what do you do when your mother finds out that you’ve been watching very bad videos on the internet? 

Well, it’s not my fault that she found out. I never intended for her to find out. Yet she had gone searching through everything on my phone, including my browser’s search history. That’s how she found out. She then came to my room to talk about it. And I tell you, it was the most awkward conversation I ever had with my mother…

I know my mother thinks I’ve become a bad boy. She is disappointed in me due to everything that has happened recently. But I am not a bad boy, neither am I intentionally stubborn. The problem is that she doesn’t understand how negatively our relocation to Ibadan is affecting me. No matter how much I’ve tried to, I just haven’t been to adjust to life here; not with Tobi and his bullying. Perhaps I can finally get used to living here if I’m able to learn to handle Tobi and all his troubles. I’ve made this my mission. And I can’t stop until I’m done dealing with him! 

NOTE: This is an excerpt from one of my manuscripts.  

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