“Doors” and other Poems


They say to me- “you are not welcome.

Knock knock; will you let me in?

“No…you’re not one of us!”
Closed doors are all I see

It’s like a curse on which spell I’m under

Why does it have to be this hard?

*KNOCKS*… Please let me in!
The replies are just the same [always]

It’s sad to be rejected

Rejected by those you want; need

A dangerous plight for a creative mind…
Why does it have to be so difficult?

Why doesn’t breakthrough come easily?

Why this FUCKING door closed right up in my face?

And why the hell are they so scared?

Ignore me

Pretend I do not exist

You may wish me away

But with you I will stay
You are my abode

And I am your essence

Your basic humanity you cannot avoid

And for eternity I shall be your judge
Conscience, that’s my name

Nemesis, so you perceive of me

But why do we disagree?

Because your ways are perverted!
I seek your good

The bad I eschew

We should be friends

But to evil you prefer
I am relentless

I am patient

But why my persistence?

Because you are my precious
So ignore me

Despise me you will

But no matter what you do

I shall be here to judge


The hope we seek

The Illusion we get

A never-ending circle

Such is the human plight
Billions of years we’ve lived

Thousands of things we’ve known

Why do we fail and despair?

Such is the way of life!
Many could be saved; life is precious

Opportunities abound; wealth to go around…

But the never-ending vicious circle

Such is caused by human greed
Who could save us?

Who has failed us?

Can we be saved?

This is human dismay!

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