African Witches in Lagos State Governor’s Office!

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | April 2, 2018 | The Nigerian Experience
Look at the ugly picture above. Behind me is the office of the Lagos State Governor. The day an ex. colleague of mine helped me to take the picture,...

“Uche, Face your work oh” by Dr Uche Anyanwagu

by The Lit Admin | April 2, 2018 | The Nigerian Experience
I returned from Abuja that evening and was told by my enthusiastic cousin that we now have another doctor in the compound. He was obviously elated to have a...



Why you must Endeavour to Lose your excessive Weight this New Year

To most people the world over, loosing weight and embracing a more healthy lifestyle is the go-to new year resolution. It sounds good to say, and even does have a way of making one feel good too! Unfortunately, this type of new year resolution is seldom followed through; much like anything new year resolution. That notwithstanding however, I will like to highlight the reasons why it will be of your own best interest to shed those excessive fat you’ve accumulated over the years. This message is for me to by…...
By Emmanuel Abara Benson | January 13, 2018 | The Lit Lifestyle

How Can you Plan for your Success in 2018?

Every new year comes with new exciting opportunities. But without proper planning, hard work and determination, said opportunities will simply elude you. In the same vein, your ability to organise your life goes a long way in ensuring the actualisation of your success agenda. That said, how then can you plan to be successful this new year? Well let’s talk about it, shall we?  The first step to planning for success is to actually have a plan. You must plan how you intend to achieve your goals. This…...
By Emmanuel Abara Benson | January 13, 2018 | The Lit Lifestyle

‘Stroking’ our Lives away by Dr Uche Anyanwagu

I turned and faced the elderly lady (let’s say she’s Mrs Wright) and asked about her past medical history. Just as most whites are wont, she was ready, loaded with an arsenal of all the sicknesses she had and still has. She was very quick to say the following words that left my mouth agape, no matter how hard I tried that Wednesday morning to act professionally and hide my surprise and shock- “Yes!…” she said, with her voice dismissing it as a normal every day experience. “I’ve had two…...
By The Lit Admin | December 29, 2017 | The Lit Lifestyle

Love, Sex, & Relationships

Am I a Rapist?

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | December 29, 2017 | Sex, Romance & Relationships
​Hello Emmanuel,  Years ago, something happened between me and a girl. And ever since then, I can’t stop feeling guilty about it.  I met the girl on Instagram after we both commented on a certain post by a celebrity. I checked out her pictures and loved what I saw....
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He Doses off every Time we Make Love

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | December 23, 2017 | Sex, Romance & Relationships
​Dear Emmanuel,  I’ve been married to my husband for a long time now. And while our sex life has been incredibly good for the most part, the fire seems to have died down recently. Throughout 2017, I cannot remember the last time that I truly enjoyed my husband in...
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Help! My Wife Is Killing me with Sex!!

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | December 18, 2017 | Sex, Romance & Relationships
​Hey Emmanuel, I am a newly-married man, currently in my thirties. And I love my wife so much. But I have a serious problem when it comes to having sex with her. She has suddenly become so sex-crazed it’s hard to keep up with her pace. As a matter...
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She Slept with her Boss and Confessed to me!

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | December 18, 2017 | Sex, Romance & Relationships
Dear Admin, I’ve been married to my wife for the past five years. And throughout much of this period, my relationship with her have been characterised by love and happiness. We have a three year old daughter, two pet dogs and a house of our own in a choice...
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A closer Look at all the Fashion Moments at the 2018 Sound City MVPs…

The 2018 Sound City MPVs happened yesterday night in Lagos and as expected, celebrities showed up and showed off.  And because awards shows are useless without their fashion moments, we are now going to talk about it, shall we?  JULIET IBRAHIM  The delectable Ghanian actress accompanied her rapper boyfriend to the MVPs dressed in a gorgeous Erica Moore gown. The couture dress did a great job at not only...
By Emmanuel Abara Benson | January 13, 2018 | The Lit Fashion

Word of Advice to every upcoming Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur by Mazeli Mbanefo

Brand value and recognition takes years of hardwork, consistency, patience and exceeding customer’s expectations over and over again to achieve… That’s why I can’t seem to understand alot of  Oloriburukupreneurs I’ve met in Lagos; You have no brand name what so ever other than some half baked slogan of a name which anyone with half a brain could easily come up with, yet you want to sell me your...
By The Lit Admin | January 13, 2018 | The Lit Fashion

Can we just Talk about Beverly Naya’s incredible Fashion Sense for a Moment?!

She is fierce in all her ways, and perhaps especially so in her fashion choices. It’s difficult to ignore the delicate yet bold/chick style for which she’s known. Indeed, Beverly is one of those A-list Nollywood actresses who slay fashion both on the red carpet and while casually chilling. And now this has gotten so good to the point that we can no longer keep quiet. So we are...
By Emmanuel Abara Benson | December 23, 2017 | The Lit Fashion


What Are you Reading? Chika Ike Wants to Know

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | January 14, 2018 | Abara's Stories Express
Actress Chika Ike is on a mission to find the next good read! The superstar took to Instagram (where everything happens these days) to ask her fans to suggest to her the best books she could read. And they did. Come to think of it, I found it sexy that she did that because nothing is sexier than a beautiful woman who is also a bookworm; believe me. And...
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“Doors” and other Poems

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | January 13, 2018 | Abara's Stories Express
CLOSED DOORS! They say to me- “you are not welcome.” Knock knock; will you let me in? “No…you’re not one of us!” Closed doors are all I see It’s like a curse on which spell I’m under Why does it have to be this hard? *KNOCKS*… Please let me in! The replies are just the same It’s sad to be rejected Rejected by those you want; need A...
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The Teenage Diary

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | January 13, 2018 | Abara's Stories Express
14/11/2014 Dear diary… Today was embarrassing! Many awkward things happened to me all at once, one of which being my mother’s discovery that I own an android phone. She ceased the phone, went through its content , and became privy to all of my little secrets. Can you believe that she actually scanned through all of my social media platforms and read all of my conversations? She...
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The helplessness of Chance by Akinlabi Omo-Oso

by The Lit Admin | January 13, 2018 | Abara's Stories Express
CeCe woke up that morning on a wave of positive feelings―residual joy from the meeting with her adviser the day before. Recalling now the tenor of their conversation, but even more particularly, the part she had dreamt of and replayed in her mind ever since: “If you continue with this steam for the next three semesters CeCe, you will graduate top of your class, hell, maybe the entire university!”...
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