Nigerian Universities and the unfortunate Reality of Strikes

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | December 4, 2017 | The Nigerian Experience
Of all the news that made headlines today across the Nigerian media space, only one caught my attention- the news about the non-academic staff unions of universities (SSANU, NASU...

The Meat of our Myths by Uche Anyanwagu 

by The Lit Admin | December 4, 2017 | The Nigerian Experience
I recall an event which happened during the twilight days of my national service at a very busy district hospital in Abuja. I was the only doctor on call...



What’s up with The Lagos Fashion Week & Design 2017?

The Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017 is currently ongoing, and so far we have seen some good designs, some interesting runway shows and some ugly models. Oh please! We all know these models aren’t always as pretty as angels. Little wonder the attention is often best focused on the clothes instead. And here’s to be frank- the clothes (as seen so far), are indeed fabulous; at least going...
By Emmanuel Abara Benson | October 27, 2017 | The Lit Fashion

Why Do Models Fall on the Runway?

Back in 2015 while walking a Givenchy runway during the New York Fashion Week, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel missed her steps and fell dramatically to the floor, injuring her pretty knees in the process. It made quite the headlines mostly for all the wrong reasons; “wrong” because it was funny and meme-worthy. But then on a more serious note, Candice’s fall  drew spotlight to some of the risks associated...
By admin | October 2, 2017 | Lagos Experience, The Lit Fashion

Why Is the Fashion Industry such an Elitist Circle?

Ever been interested in the fashion industry as much as I am? Perhaps the glitz and glamour of the Lagos Fashion Week fascinate you too! And of course there are the models, skinny and beautiful; gracefully-composed/poised as they walk the runways. Such sophistication! Yet, we must all agree that mainstream fashion represent the perfect example of what everybody longs for but can hardly get to have. Why is...
By The Lit Admin | October 2, 2017 | The Lit Fashion


A Look into the charming, glamorous and Privileged Lives of Nigeria’s Super Rich

Let’s be clear about one thing- money makes the world go round! This is one truism which most of Nigeria’s wealthiest ones know so well. Theirs is the privileged kind of life! Talk about fast cars, luxury mansions and all the good things you could ever think of. I mean… Just pause for a moment and think through the fact  that while some of us had to attend grammar school, the rich kids were jetted off to exotic places such as Swistzerland to attend private schools. And even those of…...
By Emmanuel Abara Benson | October 17, 2017 | The Lit Lifestyle, The Lit Travels

How to Shop on a Budget in Nigeria

Shopping is something we all love to do as Nigerians. And no, we are not shopaholics; we are only human beings with a good taste for the good things of life. Over the past couple of years however, many people have had to resort to window-shopping due to the severe economic crunch the country has experienced. Unfortunately, the recession shows no signs of abating up till date, despite recent reports stating otherwise. So maybe you are one of those who currently find it difficult to check out their carts at…...
By The Lit Admin | October 7, 2017 | The Lit Brands, The Lit Lifestyle

The Lagos Traffic from a Commuter’s Perspective

Sitting beside the smelly bus driver, I observed the traffic through a cracked windscreen. All the vehicles in front of me were of assorted kinds- the old, the new/expensive and the rickety ones. They all made a long stretch along the pothole-ridden road, moving at a snail’s pace. It was almost a beautiful sight, although I was too uncomfortable to dwell much on the aesthetic nature of a gridlock.Yet, I could not help but notice the yellow buses. I just am fascinated by those buses! They are my favourite part…...
By The Lit Admin | October 7, 2017 | The Lit Lifestyle, The Lit Travels

The Lit Sex, Romance & Relationships

Puppy Love Stories: The first Time I ever Wooed a Girl

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | November 26, 2017 | Sex, Romance & Relationships
Right early on in their lives, boys learn how to win the hearts of women. This is usually an interesting for boys, just as much as it is difficult. It is therefore out of curiosity that I rounded up a few of friends and asked them to share their...
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My Girlfriend Hates me now

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | October 29, 2017 | Sex, Romance & Relationships
Ever found yourself in a situation whereby your lover suddenly hates you? We all get to experience at least once in a lifetime. And trust me, it is hard to deal with; speaking from experience here. In my case, I kind of  blame myself for everything that went wrong....
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The First Time I ever Had Sex

by The Lit Admin | October 24, 2017 | Sex, Romance & Relationships
Love it or hate it, sex is an inevitable aspect of life. And inasmuch as virginity is priceless, at some point we all get to loose it. Bearing this in mind, The Lit Page went in search of some  courageous young adults who were open to sharing their stories...
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What should a horny Man Do when he Is Constantly Denied Sex by his Wife?

by The Lit Admin | October 23, 2017 | Sex, Romance & Relationships
We work all day and only have the nighttime to either fuck or masturbate in order to ease off the stress and have a good sleep ...
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Meeting a familiar Stranger on a London Train

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | October 29, 2017 | Abara's Stories Express, Uncategorized
The train made a stop to drop off some passengers. And as they disembarked, I spotted among them a man that looked very familiar. He was Mr Orji, my former employer at a private secondary school in Lagos where I had taught for one year upon graduation from the university. My eyes trailed him as he walked from the back of the train to a seat closer to the exit...
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The Unraveling Mysteries

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | October 28, 2017 | Abara's Stories Express
First, I felt him constantly staring at me everywhere I went. And then I saw him in brief flashes, eyeballing me as I walked down the streets. He was everywhere- at the supermarket and at the library......
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The Teacher with the big Breasts

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | October 27, 2017 | Abara's Stories Express
In my new school, there was this young female teacher whom everybody loved to hate. I bet she was disliked mainly because she was a pretty woman. Tall, skinny, fair-skinned and big-breasted, she was the envy of the rest of the teachers who were mostly females. Perhaps it was the breasts that they hated the most. After all, those were the most visible part of the young teacher. Indeed,...
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The Houseboys

by Emmanuel Abara Benson | October 23, 2017 | Abara's Stories Express
Several hours after arriving at their new madam’s home, the twins got to explore the place. Mrs Ijioma’s was a three bedroom flat, located on the uppermost part of the building, and the nicest of course. It was the only flat with its own inbuilt kitchen, toilet and bathroom, and this was expected considering that this was the same flat the late Mr Ijioma lived in prior to his...
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